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The DEEMA Nutrition & Lifestyle classes are focused on fun, simple, affordable strategies that help everyone in the family have more energy, improved learning, better behavior and focus, lower medical expenses, and an overall healthier lifestyle. When signing up for one of our nutrition and lifestyle classes you have the opportunity to join others who are on a similar journey in a relaxing and fun environment overseen by our in-house DR Sears certified health coach.

At Deema Community Center we believe that your ideal health is achieved through a balanced approach to wellness.

L.E.A.N. Nutrition & Lifestyle

Most diet and fitness programs available today promise quick results yet very few deliver in the long run. When you attend the DEEMA Nutrition & Lifestyle classes, our team will help you understand the truth behind ingredients in foods and how they affect mood, behavior and overall health. You will discover how to boost your immune system, and strategies on how to save money while eating healthy.
The DEEMA Nutrition & Lifestyle classes are all designed on the L.E.A.N. principle. L.E.A.N. teaches us that eating healthy food is not the only element to be considered when it comes to being healthy. It’s about the balance between lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition and the way in which this balance affects our day to day lives in either a positively or negatively manner. A healthy lifestyle can also be defined in a positive sense, a life filled with work, relationships, habits, and activities that make a positive contribution to our overall well-being

L.E.A.N: The Four Pillars of Health

L is for Lifestyle, how we live. This means healthy living without smoking, excessive alcohol, or other unhealthy substances.
E is for Exercise, how we move. One of the healthiest ways to maintain good health is to exercise. The more muscle you have, the more fat calories you can burn
A for attitude, the way we think. Smile, laugh and look at life in a positive light. Think about things that are positive and trim the fat in your feelings by keeping your mind off counterproductive stuff
N is for Nutrition, the way we eat. Emphasize a right-fat diet, not a low-fat diet.
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